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deal to raise the ceiling. another meeting is set for this afternoon. now to the all night effort to fix a broken gas line that shut down interstate 270 for six hours last evening. it is back open now, but work is still being done. this is happening on clarksburg road, route 121, in montgomery county. tracee wilkins is live with a look at the road right now. good morning, tracee. what's the situation? >> reporter: good morning, joe. you can see them working behind me. we're really close on clarksburg road. that is the work behind us after this main ruptured yesterday. this is only affecting the northbound ramp of the 121 to i-270. yesterday we saw major problems. i-270 was closed in both directions for several miles in upper montgomery county after this gas main was ruptured. construction crews working on clarksburg road, also known as 121 hit and ruptured this gas line. the pressure from escaping gas
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was so strong it ruptured the windshield of nearby construction equipment. montgomery county fire decided to close i-270 in order to protect commuters. they were worried about the possibility of anything happening, including someone tossing a cigarette and causing a major explosion. traffic was backed up on the highway and also some of the county roads as well. now the work is continuing to take care of this issue here. if you use northbound 121 coming off of i-270, know that this ramp is still closed. they're still taking care of some work here. with more on what traffic is going to be looking like this morning here and around our area, we're going to go to danella sealock. good morning, danella. >> i definitely have also route 121 closed between 355 and 270. in addition, traveling up 270 northbound, you can't take that exit ramp to 121 as well as, if you're traveling eastbound on 121, you cannot continue on between 355 and 270. in other areas, i want to show you this right now. this is the beltway at
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connecticut avenue in maryland. we're looking good inner loop and outer loop. as we head down to virginia, 95 at dale boulevard, i can tell you both 95 northbound and southbound in v.a., you have a smooth commute. no incidents for you as we shoot over to d.c. d.c., your local roadways are looking excellent. back to you, pat and joe. >> thanks, danella. now to the story that everybody will be talking about today, the dangerous heat. today we could reach record setting temperatures. the district is taking precautions. d.c. trash and recycling crews will pick up trash earlier than usual in order to avoid the extreme heat. the department of public works says it wants to protect the health of workers as much as possible. >> and tom is here to talk about the heat. it is going to get ugly today. >> it is the number one weather killer too. more fatalities from excessive heat than any other type of weather. we have quite likely temperatures getting near 100
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degrees this afternoon. with that, with the high humidity it's going to feel like 106 from now to the late afternoon. right now it's pleasant. low to mid and upper 70s. 78 at reagan national. farther west and north, we're in the low to mid-70s. we have a partly cloudy sky now. we have temperatures out of the mountains in the 60s. upper 60s and low 70s. we have those clusters of thunderstorms going through last evening, but those are gone now. we have a sky that's going partly cloudy. as a result, we'll have increasing sunshine. right now a partly cloudy sky over the washington monument. that's a live picture from the city camera. by 9:00, we'll be into the mid-80s. low 90s by noontime with hazy sunshine. in addition to the high heat, up near 100 midafternoon, we've got code orange for unhealthy air quality. if you don't have to be out this afternoon, stay in the ac. i'll have your night planner in
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ten minutes. joe? >> thanks very much, tom. a family in rockville in montgomery county is assessing the damage this morning. a lightning strike sparked a house fire. the house is on whipporwill lane. there is damage into the roof and the second floor. fortunately, everybody inside the home got out safely. some heroics on a new jersey highway. a couple of brave men pulled a 9-year-old boy from a burning car. the child is the only survivor. two maryland men are among the victims. police say 24-year-old manuel marshall of cheverly lost control while driving on i-295, about half hour outside of philadelphia. his car hit a tree and caught fire. marshall, 27-year-old jesse jones of lanham, and the third person died in the crash. others rushed in and rescued the 9-year-old. he's in stable condition. tickets for the 9/11
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memorial are already gone for the first week. the memorial opens on september 12th, one day after the closed ceremony marking the tenth anniversary. system organizers say more than 34,000 people made reservations yesterday, the first day the tickets became available. once construction is finished, the memorial will feature two waterfalls and reflecting pools where the twin towers stood before the 9/11 attacks. pepco's president is speaking out about a recent survey that ranked the utility company the worst company in america. a group called the american customer satisfaction index conducted the survey. it says pepco ranks dead last in customer satisfaction because of complaints about poor service and high rates. pepco's president thomas graham says the company has to gain customer loyalty. >> i don't agree with the characterization, but i do take it seriously. we are working very hard to
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improve the quality of service for our customers. our reputation is tarnishes. those are the things we have to work on. >> graham went on to say that the company will spend $500 million in the next five years to improve infrastructure and service, and that includes adding staff, replacing wires, and trimming trees. in the day ahead, the d.c. council will consider a bill that will make the district something of a gun dealer. right now there are no gun sellers in the district. federal law prohibits residents from buying a handgun outside the city and bringing it to the district. under this new plan, gun buyers will be able to purchase guns anywhere that is legal and then ship them to certain d.c. government offices where they could be picked up. also today, the d.c. council will vote on a salary cap for police chief kathy lanier and schools chancellor kaya henderson. the vote would cap lanier's salary at its current level, which is nearly $254,000 a year and limit henderson's salary to
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$275,000 per year. today family, friends, and the country will pay final respects to former first lady betty ford. mrs. ford raised awareness about addiction when she announced her long-running battle with alcoholism. she founded the betty ford clinic for substance abuse and addiction. former first lady rosalyn carter will you'll jis her at a memorial service this afternoon. first lady michelle obama and former first ladies nancy reagan and hillary clinton will attend. she'll be interred next to her husband gerald ford in michigan. she died on monday at the age of 93. ahead on "news 4 today," when arnoraignold schwarzenegget make his return to the big screen.
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good morning and welcome back. beginning today, getting enough coffee to keep you going all day long may take only one trip to starbucks. the popular coffee chain will start offering a new 31-ounce trenta size this morning. might say it's its own version of the bill gulp. that's seven ounces larger than the venti and more volume than the average human stomach. for now, iced coffee and teas will be available in the super size cup in the d.c. area.
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starbucks says already half of its customers order the largest size available. >> you won't need refills. >> i hope not. >> you will need ice in that coffee today. >> you will. let's go to tom and find out about the heat we're going to experience. tom? right now it's pleasant. there's a live picture of the washington monument. temperatures right now are in the 70s throughout most of the region. at reagan national, it's at 78. in the suburbs and rural areas, most locations in the low to mid-70s. right near the bay, upper 70s even near 80 maryland and the eastern shore. partly cloudy now. by 9:00, partly cloudy in the 80s. by noon time in the 90s. we ought to climb near 100 degrees in the midafternoon. the record is 99 set way back in 1908. this would break a record from 103 years ago. if we do get up to near 100, it will feel like 105, 106 when you combine the humidity.
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then overnight tonight after some midafternoon to late evening thunder showers, we'll go partly cloudy after midnight. only a slight chance of storms today and tomorrow, but a warm and muggy evening. we'll get lower humidity beginning to move in today and tomorrow. we'll look at that and a fresh change on the way for the week. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good news if you're traveling eastbound on 121. you're now able to get by on one lane between 270 and 355. if you're traveling 270 north, you still will not be able to exit onto eastbound 121. give you a live look right now. they're still working over there. just be careful as you're making your way. if you're traveling on 270, i would suggest taking father hurley and getting on northbound 355. let's head down to virginia. 66, you're clear, both inside and outside of the beltway, a peaceful ride at this time of morning. as we head down to d.c., this is penn and 14th street. d.c., still checking your local roads, and they're still looking excellent. back to you, pat and joe.
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>> thanks, danella. it is 4:42. the scary moment caught on videotape in the moment of baseball's home run derby.
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later today, researchers will brief congress about the threat that bed bugs pose to people. experts say the tiny insects can cause a variety of physical and mental health issues and economic consequences. there have already been a few meetings discussing ways to get rid of the pesky bugs, which are growing more resistant to pesticides. officials say education and awareness are the keys to fighting infestations. the phone hacking scandal that has shut down one of britain's oldest tabloids has now spread to two more of rupert murdo murdoch's newspaper. according to "the guardian" newspaper and bbc, murdoch's sun hacked prime minister gordon brown and the medical records of
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one of brown's sons who has cystic fibrosis. two london newspapers are also reporting that the "news of the world" paid royal family bodyguards for personal details about the queen and other royal family members. "the guardian" reports that royals have been warned their cell phones may also have been targeted. today wikileaks editor in chief julian assange will battle extradition from england where he's accused on sex charges. the 39-year-old australian is accused of sexually assaulting two men. assange denies the allegations. many of his supporters say it's a conspiracy to keep assange and wikileaks from exposing any more government secrets. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger will return to the big screen now. the "l.a. times" reports that schwarzenegger will appear in the western entitled "the last stand." this would be his first movie
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since announcing a break from acting while dealing with family issues. he revealed an affair with a maid. she is filing for divorce and is seeking joint custody of their two youngest sons. the royal couple is reportedly slowing down after their busy north american tour. palace aides say we'll be seeing a little less of the duke and duchess of cambridge over the next few months. the royal couple is only expected to do a handful of public engagements for the rest of the year. instead, they'll be settling into married life at their cottage. today in montgomery county, a vote could soon limit your exposure to secondhand smoke. the county counsel is considering a resolution to ban lighting up in shared spaces, such as hallways and laundry rooms. the services committee voted yes on that measure last month. montgomery county already banned smoking at workplaces and in restaurants. also today in montgomery county, the county counsel will consider creating a teen curfew. the proposal bans those 18 years
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old and younger from being in public places from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on sunday through thursday. the curfew would run from midnight to 5:00 a.m. on weekends. parents would be held responsible for allowing their youngsters to violate the curfew. today people in prince george's county get to weigh in on the location of possible speed cameras. authorities want to put cameras up at more than 100 sites, particularly near schools. drivers would face a $40 fine if caught going 12 miles an hour over the speed limit in school zones. those who want to testify today must register with the office of the clerk of the council. the public hearing will be held at the council registration building in upper marlboro at 1:30 this afternoon. a new smartphone app is being launched today just in time for the 150th anniversary of the civil war's battle in manassas. the bull run battle app will help guide tourists through the field. it includes an audio tour, video, and animations. the first battle of bull run was
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fought on july 21st, 1861. the national capitol planning commission selected this design that would raise the height of the ellipse and add a seating wall as a barrier for cars. officials say the design would improve security and give pedestrians a better view of the white house. the secret service and national park service must approve the design. the d.c. lottery is jumping onto the food truck bandwagon. soon you'll be able to buy lottery tickets from the lucky lottery mobile when it hits the streets later this week. lottery officials say the goal is to cash in and increase ticket sales, especially during lunchtime. the truck is expected to make its debut on friday on half street near nats park. now, if it's successful, the d.c. lottery says it will roll out more of these trucks. right now we know 202 is washington's area code, but if anheuser busch has its way, it could also stand for beer.
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the beer recently bought the goose island 312 urban wheat ale brand of beer. that is named after chicago's area code. now the beer maker is trying to trademark the area codes of some major u.s. cities. washington's 202 is among them. here's how we envision a 202 branded beer looking like. other cities on anheuser busch's area code list include pittsburgh, philadelphia, miami, and san francisco. 15 cities in all. and an ice cold 202 might taste good this afternoon. >> you can't drink that, joe. your area code is 301. >> that's true. not to mention my age. >> and it's going to feel about 300 degrees this afternoon. we are going to have our temperatures soaring to near 100 by midafternoon. the record high today is 99 set on this date back in 1908. we will be near the record high perhaps around 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. right now, though, it's
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pleasant. we're in the low to mid-70s throughout most of the region, except in washington, it's at 78. right by the bay too it's around 80 degrees as well as the lower eastern shore. and we do have the thick humidity still in place throughout the region. it's in the mid-70s from the panhandle of west virginia through the shenandoah valley and from the blue ridge all the way to the atlantic beaches, it is very humid. right now in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, it's steamy there as well. they have quite a bit of cloudiness, and the cloud cover is beginning to break up a bit over our region after we had that cluster of thunderstorms racing through last evening. now the cloud cover is beginning to break up. we will have increasing sunshine, unfortunately, because that is going to begin to really heat us up by later this afternoon. and we do have a heat advisory in effect. there's the washington skyline on this tuesday morning, the 12th day of july. our sunrise 5:53. it's getting a little bit later each morning. sunsets are getting a little bit
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earlier. sunset at 8:34. this afternoon we'll be near 100 degrees. air pollution building. anyone with a heart or respiratory ailment should stay inside unless you have to be outside this afternoon. of course, just stay in the ac. we'll have temperatures still in the mid-90s by late afternoon. by then we've got about a 30% chance of an isolated thunderstorm coming through. a cool front will be coming through late afternoon into the evening hours that may trigger a few isolated thunderstorms. there's only a small chance of that. and then partly cloudy after midnight tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, we'll be in the low 70s. and then becoming less humid during the day on wednesday but still rather hot up into the low and mid-90s during the afternoon. partly cloudy. then much more comfortable for thursday and friday. morning lows in the 60s. afternoon highs mid-80s with low humidity. some beautiful summer weather coming in for thursday and friday. here's a look at the weekend. saturday and sunday looking pleasant as well. partly cloudy each day. only a very small chance of an
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isolated afternoon storm. highs reaching the mid-80s. and then on monday getting a little more humid and up around 90 for highs. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. the gas main break still has the exit for 121 shut down. this is if you're traveling 270 north. you will not be able to get onto route 121. good news as eastbound 121 has the left lane getting by between 270 and 395. that should help your commute some this morning. want to give you a live look. this is the beltway at american legion bridge. that beltway is looking good from the american legion bridge all the way to robinson terminal. inner loop and outer loop is looking excellent as we head down to 395. 395 is clear from the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge. joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. there you go. >> look at that. >> back, back, back, back, good! yankees 12, red sox 11. >> unfortunately for the
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yankees, this was only for bragging rights. yankees' second baseman robinson cano won the home run derby last night with 12 home runs in the final run. and it was a family affair. his father jose tossed him all 32 home run balls he hit last night. the red sox adrian gonzalez hit the most memorable ball of the night, though, right into the pool in right field. check it out, a fan actually dove into the pool to get it. another dive by a fan made for a scary moment in a near repeat of a tragic accident. watch the top of your screen. milwaukee brewer prince fielder hits a ball to centerfield. and keith carmichael reaches up and over a railing to try to catch the ball. carmichael reaches over. as he falls over the railing, he is caught by a friend and his brother, who grab onto his arms and legs. they were able to pull him back onto the deck area. that's about 20 feet above that
4:55 am
pool area. this comes less than a week after a rangers fan was killed after falling over a railing trying to catch a ball tossed to him. very dangerous. be careful. >> yes. our time now is 4:54. coming up this morning, the virginia university being called the preppiest in the nation.
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♪ hit the snooze alarm. that was the shuttle "atlantis" wakeup at exactly 2:59 this morning. that's the song "more" by matthew west. later this morning, the "atlantis" crew will begin their first spacewalk to repair damaged equipment outside the international space station. the crew won't have to dodge space junk as first thought. nasa says that orbiting space debris will pass farther away than expected. meanwhile, the crew will stay in space one extra day to help unload some four tons of food, clothes, and other supplies to the iss. "atlantis" will now return to earth on thursday, july 21st. the university of virginia is now considered by some the preppiest in the nation. that's according to the huffington post, which made that decision based on several factors. for one, it cited that students
4:59 am
can still call the quad the lawn, and many frat and sorority houses are on rugby road. it also says the definition of preppiness has changed from upper class folks on the east coast who attend exclusive private schools to a loose term referring to folks who play lacrosse and wear boat shoes and polos. >> that's a loose definition, i guess. this morning first lady michelle obama is getting a little flack online for a choice that she made for lunch this week. she stopped by the shake shack in dupont circle yesterday. "the washington post" reports she got a shack burger, fries, a diet coke, and topped it all off with a chocolate shake. yes, the meal totalled 1,700 calories. the lunchtime feast came right after the first lady attended a let's move event at the white house, which targets childhood obesity. mrs. obama has said in the past that it is okay to indulge every once in a while as long as it's in moderation. and that's true.

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